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21 and Invincible.

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on February 7, 2009
this lovable hunk has been with me since the beginning.

Big Bear: this lovable hunk has been with me since the beginning.

Not quite, but I feel the part (:

Lately, it been a season of changes, what with all the flash floods and exploding fire hydrants in west Los Angeles. 

Family life has shifted too, one that was silent and unexpected, but I suppose that’s partly due to me being the long-lost daughter living away from home. First, there’s the possibility that mum might stay in Asia for an indeterminate amount of time to take care of grandpa and handle business from that side of the world. Second, daddy and baby went to watch a movie together last night…as daddy’s eldest, I’m slightly jealous but also very joyous (mixed with a certain amount of relief) that they are surviving without mum, and bonding over Liam Neeson.


Remember from a while back, when my posts were about foreign aid and the struggle of fulfilling “First, do no harm.” ?

There might be a possible solution to the struggle of my wanting to be involved with aid work while also being certain that my efforts are not causing harm:

Nursing. (ta-da !)

Is is plausible ? Me in green (or pink) scrubs, stomaching the sight of blood, and possibly helping doctors save lives ? Something to chew over (very seriously.) 


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