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legen-dary san francisco

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on February 16, 2009

after the rain.after the rain.


Beautiful San Francisco this weekend (: 

Of course, the ocean is a breath-taking shimmer of silver after the rain…I suppose driving alongside this  for 7 hours makes the ride slightly bearable. 

This weekend was legendary because I finally got acquainted with Barney Stinson, the man of my life. (Where has he been all this time ?? Deprived, I have been. ) In order to not ruin his awesomeness for HIMYM virgins, please go to your local video store and rent all available seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Or drop by one of your friends’ apartment and secretly steal it from their living room, because I guarantee you they will be there sitting pretty and shiny in their plastic casings.

Other then that, Heidi’s Banana Creme Pie is out of this world, and I really cannot live in NorCal because: it’s simply too cold and wet for my spoiled, sun-kissed skin.

I think I spent the majority of this weekend huddled up on M’s couch, under my sleeping bag that was stuffed with his down-comforter wearing thick socks and too many layers…eating pie and watching Ted being friend-zoned to the max. 

(SERIOUSLY GIRLS. Do not friend-zone your guy friends that fast…it’s heartbreaking, not to mention annoying, watching the poor man-boy persist for 8 months before he finally gets some…er, her. Yea.)

So, weekend wrap complete.


P.S. I might fail Stats10 again. SIGH.



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