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once upon a time,

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on March 8, 2009

Far, far away, D and I were on our way to a wedding.

It was at the beautiful man-made city of Irvine, and since we overcompensated and actually arrived an hour early instead of late, we decided to make good use of the time and explore possibilities to satiate our hunger. 

So then, we discovered….


the best chicken sandwich.

the best chicken sandwich.



For some reason, it was the most delicious thing I can remember eating in a long time. Perhaps it was the outrageousness of us walking into the restaurant decked out in our suit/dressy heels, all prepped for a wedding and ordering chicken nuggets from the somewhat bemused lady behind the register. 

My our excitement could not be contained. We couldn’t even wait to get into the car before we started digging in at the condiment counter 😀


D getting ready for some devouring.

D getting ready for some devouring.


Good times. 

Finally we arrived at Pastor Steve and Catherine’s wedding. The church was beautiful, overlooking a lake and surrounded by lush greenness that was not typical of Irvine (esp. the industrial sector).

(: I don’t want to say much about the wedding, except that it was so absolutely beautiful and such a blessing that I was able to witness such a union. Congratulations to the both of you !

steve n catherine

the happy couple (:

How glorious and frightening at the same time: the thought of committing yourself to another person for the rest of your life ! All I babbled about on the way there was,

D ! What do you think Steve and
Catherine are feeling right now ?
They’re about to be married to
each other…FOREVER. Gosh

Yea. I’m dramatic.

But what a beautiful thought, no ?

Apparently when little girls were little, they liked to fantasize extensively about their wedding (dress, cake, location, and sometimes the groom too). Well, I don’t know what that part of my brain was doing when I was growing up, but I never once thought about my wedding. So understandably, it is catching up with me now, and that is all I can think about. The details are too overwhelming, but I know for SURE I want CHOCOLATE CAKE !

Anyways. They lived happily ever after, and will continue to be a blessing to all those whose paths they will cross, living out the love of God and seeking first His kingdom.


The End.


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