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Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on April 2, 2009


So the quarter starts off with us being immediately engulfed by pages and pages of…reading. 

My heart cringes at the thought of how many trees have died in order for us to supplement our very. important. education. about political geography and why Europeans came to reign supreme over everybody else in the world.


But the real point of this post to share with everybody a wondrous discovery:


Santouka's "Salt Ramen", at your local Mitsuwa Marketplace

Santouka's "Salt Ramen", at your local Mitsuwa Marketplace

Truly one of the better ramen places I’ve been to. Try it out ! It’s great as comfort food, or for catching up with old friends.

😀 I simply must say that Sofia does a wonderful job of capturing snippets of my life. She is simply beautiful. 

( Sofia = the new crackberry curve 8900, obtained after 2 1/2 hours of intense haggling [thanks mummy!] Now there’s a reason why I might not do well in school yet again. )


New toys, new quarter, new problems. 

Most of learning (and healing) in life is about letting go: of past hurts, regrets, enemies, friends, loved ones, and the beautiful boy with chestnut hair in homeroom that held your heart secretly all throughout high school. 

Why is it that for most of us, letting go is always preceded by an agonizing period of holding on ? If we were sensible we would have dusted ourselves off and walked away before the true torture began. 

But then again, most humans I know are not the most sensible things. 



I’ve walked down this path before, so why am I doing it again ?



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