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Where the Wild Things Are

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on May 7, 2009


Where the Wild Things Are (16 October 2009)

Where the Wild Things Are (16 October 2009)

My Global Studies professor lectured on this last year; he somehow tied it to colonialism, and how the French used bring African slave-women back to showcase them in circuses as exotic freak-shows, and eventually the domination of the French over blacks, brainwashing them into their inferiority.

My professor is an extremely handsome caucasian male who spoke with a heavy French accent. 

Isn’t it interesting ? Anyways. I’ve realized that by studying Global Studies (redundant much ?), NGOs and public policy is something I definitely don’t want to go into. At least my expensive education helped me eliminate some options, though nursing school is still up there. 



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  1. ckwon said, on May 12, 2009 at 6:43 PM

    😀 juliiaa…
    i identify very much and very specifically with your last paragraph about studying Studies and realizing the need to eliminate certain options.. HAHAHA

    oh boy.
    oh well.
    “the more you know” – nbc

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