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a good day !

Posted in liting by litingyu on May 19, 2009


A 3-letter word for "and", to Fritz

A 3-letter word for "and", to Fritz

A good day is lolling about on Janss Hill with S in between classes, doing the crossword and being sun-kissed.

Running into your friend and striking up a conversation in the middle of Westwood Blvd, watching the timer count down and the red hand flashing before running back to the sidewalk.

Coming home after having a terrible one at the office, then getting sunburned after a run.

Is steak dinner, shrimp pasta, wine, and home-made tiramisu.

Strangers smiling when they catch your eye instead of looking away, or staring, or glaring ! Or drooling.

Understanding Swahili when you accidentally eavesdrop on someone making a transnational phone call.

A well-made iced-hazelnut latte at Kerckhoff because an old-timer happened to be barista.

Helping your boss.

Doing your job well.

Getting a good whack and hearing that satisfactory “THUNK” when you’re up to bat.

When you pull into a pay-per-space parking at UCLA, and having the previous person walk up and hand you their “all-day” parking ticket (:

Bloody meat.

Sleeping in until a pleasant 9 am.

Good coffee in the morning.

Racing to Yogurtland with D,S, and V, making it 6 minutes before closing.

Expressions of appreciation from cynical, skeptical eunwoo.

C&O’s garlic balls. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Starts with Jesus, ends with Love.




Priscilla AhnA Good Day (:

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  1. Ashley said, on May 19, 2009 at 11:52 PM

    Looking at the photos of the sea otters, I just was reminded of this fact; Did you know, that in 1911, the Sea Otter was almost driven into extinction by the Russians due to pelt farms?

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