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Claire de Lune

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on May 26, 2009

Does anybody else get sore after over-eating ?

Mother went all out with the cooking this weekend (<3) As a result I woke up this morning feeling sore and hung-overesque… 

But body pains aside, San Diego was fabulous: I was thrilled to discover that we have this magical thing called Mario Kart at home ! So in between eating, sleeping, and pooping, Sister, myself and S reveled in eating golden mushrooms and,


And then we taught Mother and Daddy how to play too, after they were drawn out by the ruckus we made. Pretty epic.

Other than Wii parties, we also attempted to explore much of this beautiful city.

However, preceding a failed attempt to find the “plane-carrying-boat-thing” by the water, S and I visited my new favorite coffee shop, Claire de Lune. It was introduced to us by a good friend who frequents it with her S.O., often spending hours there doing research or socializing. 

Claire’s is a cozy little nook; of course I fell in love with it at first sight. Located in the semi-gritty North Park, it truly is a beautiful gem hidden away. From the outside, it doesn’t look too impressive: a modestly yellow building with large windows and odd bright flower blocks. 

claire de lune

But inside, Claire’s is an airy high-ceilinged lounge with plush chairs, bright colorful sofas atop hardwood floors. There is also a tiny room upstairs for those who wish for more privacy.

claire de lune 2

claire de lune3

The counter is manned by energetic, eccentric individuals, probably friendly by nature or just very good at their job. One of my favorite features of this lounge is their menu board: so many colors ! so neat ! Love the creativity.

claire de lune3
I haven’t tried many drinks there (only two actually), but their Funky Chai is one of the most delicious I’ve had. It is your basic chai blend, but they stick a banana in there along with something else. I think it’s the only drink I’ve ever craved…it does something to your taste buds (:

funky chai !

funky chai !

Or if you are not a big fan of chai, you can try their Funky Monkey: a mocha blend with deep, dark chocolate powder…so bitter, so goood.

Other than that, cooking was also on the menu:


rib-eye steak

rib-eye steak


asparagus shrimp penne with white wine

asparagus shrimp penne with white wine

baby yukon gold with caramelized shallots

baby yukon gold with caramelized shallots

hungry ? I HOPE SO !


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  1. christinekwon said, on May 29, 2009 at 3:13 PM

    ooh the funky chai sounds really good.. funky yummy
    pahahaha ^^

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