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in life, we procrastinate.

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on June 3, 2009

My boyfriend has a lot of freckles, and a LOT of moles. I think it’s because he is half-white.

When I was younger, my grandpa used to tell me that you get moles because flies came and pooped on your skin.

I believed it until almost the end of middle school.

Why is it that most asian women consider moles and freckles o be imperfections, or blemishes ?

I wish I had freckles !  They are the most adorable things.  I think I have enough moles on my arms (sun damage. sigh.) I hope my future daughter has big brown eyes, long curly hair, and a sprinkle of freckles.


Anyways, with finals around the corner and a 10-page paper due tomorrow, I laid out my plan in numbers for why I will be a zombie-esque trooper for the upcoming 8 days.

Total hours in a day: 24

Hours spent on tumblr: 2
Hours spent on wordpress: 1
Hours spent on facebook: 1
Hours spent deciding what to eat: 1
Hours spent sleeping: 8
Hours spent walking: 1/2
Hours spent eating: 1
Hours spent in bathroom: 1
Hours spent working: 3
Hours spent in class: 3

That leaves only TWO AND A HALF HOURS for studying.

This plan will never work out.



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