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yes S.O. vs. no S.O. ?

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on June 7, 2009

The things that have increased exponentially since I’ve started dating S:

Eating steak
Watching basketball
Screaming for the Lakers but…
Disliking Kobe. Even more.
Drinking green tea
Drinking wine
Playing MARIO KART !
Cooking (seriously ! hahahaha)
Doing dishes (at his place)
Taking random naps
GOING TO CLASS <<– daniel will like this one. so will your dad…and mine, I think.

And…spending time with his parents ! (:


Mr. and Mrs. parents-of-S came down this weekend and invited us for a lovely little study break. The night included scrumptious Japanese food in little Tokyo and then a musical by the East West Players in the David Henry Hwang Theatre. It was “an evening of 2 one-act musicals,” Marry Me a Little by Stephen Sondheim and The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown, both produced by Tim Dang.


Lee and Paz as Jamie and Cathy

Lee and Paz as Jamie and Cathy

The theater itself is very quaint,  converted from a tiny church into a theater in 1992 (?), allowing for a very intimate setting. Marry Me A Little with Mike Dalager and Jennifer Hubilla was aiiiiiiiiiiiiight….kind of long, kind of draggy, and the female vocals hurt my head. 

But it was worth sitting through an hour (with intermission) to be set up for the second act, The Last Five Years with Jennifer Paz and Michael K. Lee. Which was sensational, to say the last. Both the female and male vocals were breathtaking, Michael Lee gives an extremely convincing performance !

Definitely worth waiting for ! I recommend it – for friends and couples – who have Thursday or Saturday nights free at 8 pm ! 

😀 That is all. Now back to studying !!


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