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Frogs and shrimp ?

Posted in Travels by litingyu on July 10, 2009

Hallo wordpress !

Life in Shanghai has been abundant in surprises and overflowing with majestic thunderstorms.

4th of July weekend flew by with a pleasant visit to Suzhou, finally meeting up with the uncle I have not seen since 2000.

To the three girls who were gutsy enough to brave the Shanghai Train Station with me and haul around fully loaded pack-backs during our day-long sight-seeing trip: KUDOS, and my e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s affections to you. Apart from the Suzhou Museum (which is a must) and 拙政园 (The Humble Administrator’s Garden), the gold goes to the Suzhou Dance and Acrobatics Show (大型朵技舞秀), one that was greatly enjoyed by all the 外國人 (:

The Humble Administrator's Garden. BALLIN'.

The Humble Administrator's Garden. BALLIN'.

Suzhou acrobats ! monkies man.

Suzhou acrobats ! monkies man.

the most beautiful piece; a celebration of love and marriage.

the most beautiful piece; a celebration of love and marriage.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !! sparklers, from childhood (:

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !! sparklers, from childhood (:

That sums up our whirlwind trip of 30 hours to Suzhou and back ! Whew. I think I lost 2 pounds that day from all the walking and sweating.

The day after was our midterm, and that night we celebrated a very special 22nd birthday for one Miss Kathleen ! Dinner was an affair at some loud, raucous Mongolian restaurant with overly affectionate servers from Uzbekistan who literally draaag you against your will up to dance on the stage, very publicly, in front of the whole restaurant. I’m sure pictures will float around soon enough. But the lamb skewers and mouth-watering rice was worth all the fuss (:

spicy lamb skewers fresh off the grill = deliciousness.

spicy lamb skewers fresh off the grill = deliciousness.

Behind ECNU, there is something called the ‘back alley,’ which is rich with cheap street food and rows of hole-in-the-walls containing amazingness. We have discovered a nameless Tibetan resturant, so shabby and run-down on the outside, but with the energy of its beautiful hostess (Vicky) combined with bursts of blood red decor inside, it’s enough to make one speechless. And THIS is where we sampled our first “Frog and Shrimp” dish…and this is where we have been to every single week without fail. After we’ve devoured the sauteed frog & shrimp combo, they pour broth into the pot and voila! It becomes hot-pot (:

Anyways, don’t ask me for the address or anything. It’s next door to the first convenience store if you make a right from ECNU’s back-gate, the one with a huge red fat tomato !

——————THE GREAT DIVIDER———————–

(^ ….something my very entertaining and nerdy TA taught me via his ridiculous emails)

Currently, everybody else save myself and Jess have traversed to Beijing, scampering up and down the Great Wall along with all the other great stuff. So we took it upon ourselves to walk around the French Concession all afternoon, and it was one of the loveliest experiences I’ve had here thus far.

We popped into an art gallery, Art Labor, and walked in on them setting up for tomorrow’s showcase, featuring Ren Zhitian (任芷田), who happened to be there ! What luck (:

So we walked around the gallery, with him explaining to us his very provocative and unique set of ink and watercolors, blending the modern and the historical culture of China. And over every piece, there is a story, poem, or Confucian passage floating out of it, barely perceptible at first glance.

If you are by any chance in Shanghai, drop by Art Labor to look at his work ! It will be showcased until the end of July @ #10-36 Yongjia Lu, Shanghai 200020. (

Until next time !


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