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coming home.

Posted in Travels by litingyu on August 6, 2009

World of blag, it’s been quite a while since I’ve landed here.

I am currently cozied up in a lovely inn overlooking the ocean, worrying about whether my littlest cousin will choke on the egg he’s gobbling because he’s also bouncing on the queen-sized, and listening to the typhoon blowing itself into a rage outside.

Since Frogs & Shrimp, I’ve mostly straggled through Shanghai’s nooks and crannies: no more clubs and bars, just exquisitely quiet parks with old people practicing tai-chi and over-priced Italian caffes that serve some wicked blueberry smoothies.

Of course, there’s also the wildly exciting adventure that was Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, on the weekend before my final.
Due to some complications, I, along with fellow student Alex and his older yuppie Shanghai buddies, ran buck-wild all over Shanghai Railway Station, hopping fences and speeding through crowds of Chinese people…only to miss our sleeper-train by 2 minutes. Then the old people decided to rent out a “bread-car,” which is a really old mini-van, and the drivers took us on a 5 hour bumpy ride all the way to AnHui province. Long story short, we got there alive albiet a tad sore, and the next two days consisted of breathtaking scenary, endless stairs, suffocating cable-cars, and intense games of Pass the Pig.

Home on a quickie flight, and the next day I fell ill with a 102 fever. I must say, the housekeeping staff’s concern was touching…although it may be due to the fear of Swine Flu, and their possible quarantine if I was diagnosed. The experience at Shanghai’s international hospital was pleasant enough, save the sweating and IV drips, but after two days my body was functioning normally enough, in time to survive three delays on my trip back to Taiwan. The upside is that I didn’t have to take my final, but the downside is that it took 11 hours to get home, and I had to write an 8-page paper to make up for my exam.


Words are insufficient to describe the tight feeling in my chest when I looked out at the twinkling island right before landing. My family, my roots still remain here, and as much as I get confused sometimes on where to call home, I couldn’t help but feel that it was right here when I saw my favorite crazy aunt drive up, screaming and gesturing in her orange hair.

Now we are on (a failed) vacation in Kenting, the southern-most tip of Taiwan, and it’s beauty has blown me away. I would love to return with friends and S to play here again ! But not during the typhoon season…because for the next two days we are stuck in the hotel room, well-stocked with instant noodles and other unhealthy goodies while mother nature rages outside. At least there won’t be anymore water shortage (:

I will update with pictures, SOON !

Until then, au revoir my friends.

Be brave, and love.


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