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risotto, wine, brie, and football.

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on September 19, 2009

Happy weekend !

Sunshine came up to visit from San Diego this weekend: it was great to see her again and gab over the beautiful tragedy of the DeTambles and Julia Child’s magical kitchen.

To celebrate, the boyfriend decided go all out and make a most delicious Leek and Pea Risotto with Shrimp.

Using home-make chicken stock helps ! But…we didn’t have any, so (:


Prepare and thoroughly wash the leeks ! Saute them with asparagus, and thaw out the green beans.


Laugh a little while you’re rushing around the kitchen with your girlfriend getting in the way !


Peel the shrimp.


Don’t crowd the shrimp !


Put the greens in 😀


Then the shrimp. Pretty colors ~


Ladling, serving ~


Ta-da ! Delicious. Good job boyfriend !


And all the while watching UCLA champion over Kansas State. Cool ! Go Bruins ~

Have a happy Sunday !


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