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My Life in France

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on September 23, 2009
My Life in France by Julia Child

My Life in France by Julia Child

So recently I have been meandering through Julia Child’s lovely book about her travels in France with her hubby, all their foodie adventures as well as life lessons, and I must say…it has been one amazing journey.

Over the years I’ve gotten into the habit of zipping through books, often finishing them faster than what would be considered healthy. But with this one, I took my sweet, sweet time. And boy was it worthwhile ! Her stories are so chock-full of delicious little details and tender memories, it seemed only proper to slow down and enjoy them. As I plod along night after night in my bed with le cheelds, the other half of the book gradually thins…and I’m filled with a certain sadness, knowing that this wonderful journey will come to an end, soon. But not quite yet !

(: So let us rejoice, by learning how the French deal with extreme inebriation.

Julia Child

Julia Child

What to do if you are passed out on the floor from over-consumption of alcohol, according to the French:

“…[Chef Verge, a good friend of Julia Child’s, recalls how his aunt would cure his uncle of extreme alcohol consumption] We’d start eating and drinking around ten o’clock Sunday morning, and we wouldn’t stop till about five. At that point, the men would all troop out into the village, where they’d spend an hour or two in the cafe drinking aperitifs.The women washed up and began cooking dinner.

Julia Child and Chef Bugnard of The Cordon Bleu

Julia Child and Chef Bugnard of The Cordon Bleu

One of my uncles – he must have been seventy-five at the time – would get so drunk that he’d fall on the floor. When the eating and drinking started up again, my aunt would take a pair of scissors and cut a vein in his ear. By the time he’d bled enough, he’d get up and join right in with the rest of us!”


(: bleed it out hm ?

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  1. angela said, on September 29, 2009 at 8:52 AM

    i know what you mean about being sad when the book nears the end haha
    you are so cute julia (you-yu) 😉
    i just finished julie & julia and was left a bit empty too haha maybe we should go to france & take a cooking class haha :p

  2. Evelyn said, on October 3, 2009 at 1:05 PM

    JULIA, i love your blog! 🙂
    however…. i have NO IDEA what you are up to, lol. do you still go to UCLA? for some reason your blog makes me think you are out exploring the world haha.

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