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where is the hope ?

Posted in liting by litingyu on October 22, 2009

(via badhuman)

Almost midnight, but S and I just had delicious cornbread fresh out of the oven – drizzled with honey and dunked in milk, the most comforting food you can ask for (:

There is certain group of people in my life that fits into a special niche. Perhaps they are not quite in tune with the world, but I believe they are all the more beautiful for it.

It’s a secret society of individuals who have the extraordinary capacity to see, capture, and create beauty in their world…one that is broken and always in need of healing. Yet they never give up – despite being overwhelmed, angry, heartbroken at times – they understand that hope is a fragile thing, a precious thing, one that needs to be nurtured in order to stay alive, and thus keep those who depend on it, alive as well.

I am taking some very interesting classes for my final year as a Global Studies major, and the issues we cover – HIV/AIDS, antiretroviral drugs, nuclear testing – have opened my eyes to the atrocity committed by those who claim the responsibility to protect and to serve. Money makes the world go ’round, and without it there is no incentive to save the 4.4 million dying, nor is there any hesitation to ‘test’ nuclear bombs on native islanders while destroying the only home they’ve known for, well…ever.

Scientists are currently worrying about what kind of “WARNING-DANGER” sign to put on an inverted volcanic site in Mexico, where all the nuclear waste will be dumped and sealed. Anthropologists are worried about the future human species some 5000 years down the line – what kind of transhistorical sign should we put over the seal to let them know that this is an radioactive site, and to stay away?

They decided on a bed of nettles and thorns.

Meanwhile, Marshallese locals, orphans and pregnant mothers in the slums, everyday people at a Boston square, and the dog-park on Barrington and Sunset, have all been left to deal with the horrific consequences of these nuclear tests.

Sometimes, I really wonder just where people get the hope to keep fighting for good. Goodness always seems to be a losing battle.

But one day, it will win the war.

So until then…..FIGHT ON !


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