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Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on October 31, 2009

A few months ago, I was introduced to a strange girl with a winning smile, who had a crazy resemblance to Emma Watson.

Let us call her Hermione (:

Hermione @ La Provence (Brentwood)

Hermione @ La Provence (Brentwood)

I believe that in another life, Hermione and I would have been sisters.
We have the similar experiences, histories, outlooks in life, a wild passion for dessert, and most importantly – the willingness to hunt for GOOD FOOD.

Also we both laugh really loudly (though hers is more charming), and we have no qualms speaking publicly about things – bowel movements, hairy legs, and so forth – that are usually considered to be “TMI.”

But in every sense of the word, she is the most joyful person that I know. Also ambitious, driven, a list-maker, full of life and care for others. Yes, I am writing an ad for her, but no she really doesn’t need it. Oh well (:

FOODIE RULE: don’t be afraid to have dessert before dinner/lunch!

Today’s adventures began at Hotcakes Bakes, a quaint and very pink cupcake store on Centinela. The workers were extremely friendly, and seriously…I can’t get over the pinkness inside!


lemon cupcake: recommend !


so pink (:


love the blackboard.

Lots of signs and postcards from people who’ve had ordered their cakes, and groups who’ve had batches of cupcakes made !


heartfelt !

Then off to the loveliest little cafe in Brentwood: La Provence !



La Provence (Brentwood)




Macarons (<3) or..."macaroons" in America.

I’ve never had a macaron before tonight, but the moment their hazelnut macaron hit my taste buds, I knew it was over. I was hooked ! It was one of those orgasmic experiences, one where you can foresee the midnight cravings and “I NEED HAZELNUT MACARON!” moments during finals week.
Definitely recommend ! Also a cute date place / read by yourself with afternoon tea place (:

To end:



Lenka !!

Thank you lovely roomie (: It was a wonderful night ~ with…quite an interesting experience. Ask me about it !

Until next time lovelies.