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fight the gloom !

Posted in Uncategorized by litingyu on December 5, 2009

It is a gloomy day in Westwood, but Cafe Elysee is hoppin’ and poppin’ with students.

Boyfriend and I have joined the throng of studious looking hipsters, too smart for school, and fighting the cold with this:

deliciously frothy mocha latte.

I haven’t blogged in quite a while, but I had to drop by and scribble about the most amazing class at UCLA:

World Arts and Culture 144 – Make Art: Stop AIDS, with David Gere.

It was probably the most emotionally challenging class I’ve had, and I have to give props to Professor Gere – he’s as unconventional as it gets. Raised in farmsville, he finished college and went to India to study dance there. Then he got involved with AIDS work, linking together the public health realm with arts/drama, successfully reaching out to the thousands of people and educating them about HIV. Now he’s back at UCLA, teaching this class and sharing his passion with his students.

Nothing was easy – you learn about the international AIDS community and utilize arts for activism, then you’re required to plunge into your local community and research how AIDS has effected people right here in Los Angeles.

Never had I had a class where I’ve spent so much time and money…some of which was spent on buying a red glitter-dick from a sex shop for a “Sex West” Airline condom demonstration at Dickson Court, shouting “DO YOU MASTURBATE??” at the top of your lungs. It was quite an experience. I think I have shed all my shame and most of my the stigma that surrounds sex.

Anyways, the most important thing was the circle of girlfriends I gained from this craziness. After spending hours upon hours thinking up raunchy lines and researching Malawi (making fun of Madonna), there is no excuse not to bond.

So here’s the group of girls right before our condom demonstration on World AIDS day (:

Mouthy Women of Malawi

Mouthy Women of Malawi

Before I leave, answer me this: How does a bird fuck a bee ?



“What umbrella ?”

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Apologies to my dwindling number of readers, but my laziness has gotten the best of me this month…no regurgitation of words or mindless creations of fictional worlds too mushy for the average reader. Good riddance I say !

Just kidding. I miss writing a lot. But these days my creative non-self seems to be on pause for some odd reason. Perhaps it’s some wonderful distraction (ha. ha. for those who got the pun, please allow me to buy you coffee.)

Again, I’m sitting in Powell dutifully ignoring my stats10 homework.

My neighbor in the next cubicle over is a south campus chap of some sort, with dirty blonde hair hanging in streaks off his face, too long for comfort. The standard white headphones are dangling loosely from his ears, tinted pink, most likely due to the intense cold of today’s oddball weather.
So far he hasn’t noticed my creepy observations yet, but pretty soon he will look up and stare me down, angered from my distracting him from an important o-chem formula.

It’s raining spectacularly hard outside ! This kind of weather is to be coveted, but only once in a blue moon. If it were up to me, I would go paddling in the fountain outside of Powell, but a somewhat responsible boyfriend and the possibility of hypothermia has prevented me from splashing galore.

The CLICC lab guy and I shared a pretty hilarious observation today: the typical Californian is absolutely unprepared for this weather – he wears his rainbows and neither carries (nor owns) an umbrella, with only a dinky Hollister or A&F sweater (which, in this case, is pretty much useless) to keep in the warmth.

Cue James Morrison:

If it’s gonna be a rainy day
There’s nothing we can do to make it change
We can pray for sunny weather
But that won’t stop the rain ~

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back to work.

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I’ve missed UCLA.

The city of Los Angeles is beautiful, in a twisted way:
I like all the shiny, metallic surfaces that reflect light and blind the already obnoxious drivers. I’ve missed the mass of cars and the smell of exhaust…the pushy (and perpetually caffeinated) people. It’s a sort of rush that one gets used to (resignedly), and then misses…after being away from it for a while.

Or maybe I’m just crazy and LA has brainwashed me.

A recent conclusion I’ve reached is this:
….after two years of wasting oxygen and a seat in the grand lecture halls of UCLA, I’ve finally learned to appreciate the very expensive education I’ve been offered. That, and spending 8 hours every day on campus is actually quite productive. I suppose living a NOT walking distance from campus will do that to you…thank God (:

On that note, I had better return to my Statistics homework.

Powell Library is indeed magnificent (or my shameless plea: come visit me !!)


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